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The Transport Office Calculator provides instant conversion between common units of measure found in transport offices. Hopefully most of the calculations will be obvious, but there are relationships between the values that might need explanation.


A simple conversion of Miles to Kilometers / Kilometers to Miles

When one of the distance boxes is changed, the Fuel Economy boxes change as well as the journey cost and the CO2.

If the Fuel Economy section has values then these are used to work out the Fuel that would be used. For instance, if the distance is 500 Miles and the MPG is 10 then the Gallons will be set to 50.0

If the Duration is set then Speed section shows the average speed to cover that distance.

Fuel Economy

Enter a value into any box and it is converted to the other units. Miles Per Gallon (MPG), Kilometers Per Litre (KML) and Litres per 100 Kilometers are all represented.

Changing the Fuel Economy will cause the Fuel section to display the amount of fuel to do the Distance.


Easily convert between UK Gallons and Litres.

Changing the amount of fuel used also affects the Fuel Economy, the Fuel Cost, the MPG, and the amount of CO2 Emmissions.

Fuel Cost

Enter the cost of fuel in pence per Litre and this will be reflected in the cost of the journey for the amount in the Fuel section.

CO2 Output

Burning a quantity of fuel releases an amount of CO2. The amount varies according to the fuel type. Small differences in the blend of the fuel can lead to variances in the CO2 output, and so a common rate of conversion is accepted as 2.3 Kilos per litre for Petrol and 2.61 Kilos for Diesel. The CO2 section takes the quantity in the Fuel section and multiplies it by the chosen fuel type.


Quickly works out the difference between the start time and the end time to give duration or adds the duration to the start time to work out the end time.

Knowing the duration and the Distance, we can work out the average MPH / KMH for the Speed section.


Convert between Miles per hour (MPH) and Kilometers per hour (KMH).


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